Hello and welcome, fellow seekers.

I am delighted that the universe has led you here on your path of self-discovery. Perhaps you were looking for some answers or some guidance, or just something to read to get your beautiful mind flowing. Whatever the reason, may you find comfort and peace knowing that you are not alone on this journey.

I created the Seeker’s Place as a resource for those who are on the path to enlightenment — or want to be, someday. After searching for other blogs and resources to help guide me and provide support along this journey, I didn’t find anything that truly resonated with me. I found many great resources from spiritual teachers and those who have come out on the other side of it, but, what about those of us still in it? I felt as though I was in the depths of my spiritual awakening, making progress, wanting to share and collaborate. I would love to be able to connect with others who are also on their own path of awakening.

Then, one Sunday afternoon, I felt true inspired action. I tuned into myself and listened to what it had to say. This is what led me to start this blog, with hopes of creating a community of seekers who can share, inspire and support one another along this life-changing journey. 

For now, let’s dive in and see if that is a good place to start.

With love & gratitude,